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Why I can help growing your SaaS

Born with a growth mindset. Ever since I am intrigued by finding and growing opportunities. Growing and scaling becomes a habit, a way of looking at processes and numbers.

Over 15 years ago I started a web company offering products and tested it out on all social platforms. Growth has been the theme in all of my roles from that moment forward. On a small scale growing online clients for website builders, at a large scale for enterprises selling software platforms to managing partner sales and reorganizing teams, strategy and growth.

Almost two years ago I joined the SaaS Product-led professionals network community on Slack with currently over 12000 members. I got even more passionate about SaaS in general and PLG in particular. 

In my role as a champion for this network I’ve helped over 100 different companies with all kinds of PLG related situations: From strategy to tool selection and from user onboarding to churn prevention.

Over time I learned a couple of things in this process of growth and totally convinced of a couple of principles:

  • Growth is always possible

  • Stay focused on the vision that you have with your product or service

  • Automation works

  • It is no science but you have to do the work on a process to grow and scale

  • Alignment is key

Specialty on Free Trial User Onboarding

My expertise is aligning mission & vision and targets with actions, processes and automation. Great for SaaS subscription companies.

Besides this I’ve spent many years analyzing and improving the conversion rates of the GTM motion of Free Trial periods. 

I honestly believe that doing our User Onboarding Video Check is a great the best way to start improving the conversion of your trial subscribers.

Michiel Vermeulen

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