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  • A quick way to really understand what your users are experiencing in your Free Trial period.
  • We have checked more than 50 SaaS B2B user onboarding trial flows.
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  • At least 5 suggestions to perform better instantly

User Onboarding Video

What we check in your free trial

   Based on the AARRR pirate funnel we evaluate a high number of topics to improve the conversion rate of your trial users.
Visitor to sign up

What is the promise of the product, how does it show? We check:

  • Promise
  • Friction
  • Web experience
User Experience

When users sign up, what is their first experience with the product?

  • Time to value
  • Activation
  • Messaging
  • Ease of use

How does your product contribute to your promise?

  • Experience
  • Guidance
  • Buying Signal

the benefits

A continuous process to success

Check your promise

What is the message from your website? 

The first experience

Once in the product, how can users get to value? How is the guidance, what can be done to activate more users.

The messaging

How is the user guided and informed during their first experience of your product?

The sign up page

The process of signing up listens closely. What is in the way for users to actually sign up.

The product

Having goals but making them impossible to find in your product? What is needed for the product to support your goals?

Aha moment

How do you activate your users to get the right value?

Get Your Own User Onboarding Video

and learn more about:

  • How the content of your website contributes to converting the visitors to trial users
  • How the conversion from website users to Trial Users can be uplifted
  • How to get more Trial Users Activated in your product
  • How to improve the first experience of Trial Users in your product massively
  • How to determine an AHA moment in your product
  • How to recognise buying signals
  • How to set up the right email sequence
  • How to improve in-app messages for better conversion
  • How to determine the right length of the trial period
  • How to improve the time to convert within your product

How the User Onboarding check works

Sign up & relax


Sign up, and share more details about your promise & product. After you paid fill out the form that we sent to you.


Wait for three days (we need to analyse the first two days' experience based on the user experience). We shoot a video of the flow.


You'll receive the video and can directly use it to improve several parts of your onboarding flow.


User Onboarding Flow

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Onboarding flow


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What is a typical SaaS Conversion rate?

There is much to consider when you talk about a good Trial Conversion Rate benchmark. For opt-in free trials, a good conversion rate benchmark is 25%. For opt-out free trials, a good free trial conversion rate benchmark is 60%. 

How long should a SaaS b2b trial be?

The length of a Free Trial depends on several aspects. Is the user capable of getting their first Aha experience with the product? Are the users able to turn the use of the product into a habit? 

How can I increase my trial to paid conversion

Especially in the area of product-led growth (PLG), it is important to create a strategy around creating value for the user. In general, start looking at: The quality of leads, the improvement of the trial experience, time to insert your product into a habit.

What is the AHA moment in a SaaS trial

The Aha moment according to Google is: The Aha Moment can be defined as the instant when your users realize the value of your product for the first time. Put another way, a customer experiences an Aha Moment when they look at your product and think for the first time: “that could be really helpful for me.

How about this: The web visitor is looking for a solution for their problem, they sign in to the product and the Aha moment is the first moment they realise this product can solve the pain.

What else can we do to grow our SaaS subscription base?

Improving your Trial to Paid conversion is a big step. Aligning the process to get better-qualified leads and convert more users in the trial period. But often forgotten is activation and engagement in retaining paying clients as the most important part for continuous growth.